Innovate with transparency and responsibility

We believe that the basis of Karoon’s success is to invest in innovations that promote respect for the ecosystem. We are pioneers in social projects that generate value to the community. 


We are an international oil and gas exploration company that seeks unique opportunities with great potential in basins with existing oil systems. Karoon strives to generate value through the application of high standards of technical, environmental and social quality in all countries where we operate.

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Sustainability is not differentiation, it is commitment.

We care about being sustainable because we understand the importance of our role as a global company in acting ethically, consciously and responsibly, always having initiatives that have a positive impact.



We commit ourselves with local communities to build a relationship of trust and dialogue in order to increase the positive impact on our projects, emphasizing the preservation of culture and the environment.


We understand that projects must contribute to improving the quality of life of local Tumbes communities.



Fishermen trained, fishermen card management and imo course
Women trained in handcrafting
Economic support scholarships for young people and teachers, and vocational talks for schools
Beneficiaries of school and christmas campaigns, and fisherman's day

Our social investment projects

Learn more about the scope and commitment of each of the projects and the opportunities that each generates.

Promote higher education and professionalization in young people and teachers from Tumbes

The training of women in the Tumbes region resulted in a solid and sustainable brand.

Management of courses and training for the professionalization and improvement of fishing activity.

Mandatory Programs

In addition to the voluntary social programs it has been implementing since 2010, Karoon, in preparation for the start of operations, has been implementing the programs and commitments included in the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA).

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This is the Karoon social action program in Peru.

Campaña Navideña Cancas
Campaña Navideña Acapulco
Taller informativo Karoon - La Cruz
Taller informativo Karoon - Puerto Pizarro
Taller informativo Karoon - La Jota
Taller informativo Karoon - Punta Mero
Taller informativo Karoon - Bocapan
Taller informativo Karoon - Nueva Esperanza
Taller informativo Karoon - Zorritos
Taller informativo Karoon - Grau
Taller informativo Karoon - San José
Taller informativo Karoon - Comunidad la Cruz
Taller informativo Karoon - Comunidad Acapulco
Taller informativo Karoon - Comunidad Cancas
Entrega de carnets de pesca (Formalización de pescadores)
Recojo de carnets en capitanía
Ignauración del aula de psicomotricidad
Entrega de cuarto módulo desarrollado
Entrega de cuarto módulo y firma e planilla
Entrega de tercer módulo desarrollado
Entrega de tercer módulo y firma de planilla
Entrega de segundo módulo a docentes y firma de planilla
Entrega de segundo modulo desarrollado y firma de planilla
Entrega de modulo desarrollado por docentes a Karoon
Visita a la Universidad con I.E Acapulco y Grau
Reunión con padres de familia de la I.E José Carlos Mariátegui
Reunión con padres de familia I.E Miguel Grau de Caleta Grau
Visita a la universidad con I.E Miguel Grau
Visita a la universidad con I.E Contralmirante Villar
Difusión de los convenios y reglamentos a los becarios
Comunicación oficial a los ganadores de la beca
Publicación de resultados
Entrevista con postulantes
Ceremonia de clausura de primer grupo Karoon Educa
Reunión de coordinación con autoridades de la universidad

Karoon in the eyes and voice of the community


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Karoon Energy

Lima Office
Av. Antonio Miro Quesada N. 425
Int 1212, Urb. San Felipe, Magdalena del Mar Lima 17, Perú
Phone: +51 (1) 631 8181

Tumbes Office
Av. Grau N° 297, Zorritos – Contralmirante Villar, Tumbes – Perú
Phone: +51 072 50 06 17