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Results of the Scholarships Karoon Educa 2019-II

Karoon, a hydrocarbon company that has been working hand in hand with the National University of Tumbes (UNT), promoting educational and professionalization opportunities since 2012 through the Tumpis Scholarship Program, launched its second call from August 12 to September 12, 2019 to fill 25 new vacancies of the Karoon Educa scholarship. To date, 25 students were benefited in the 2019-I semester.

The scholarship provides financial support to young people who are currently pursuing undergraduate studies and who meet the established requirements (minimum average score of 12.0, successfully passing the socio-economic evaluation and personal interview). In this second stage there were 48 applicants, who went through a thorough evaluation process by a committee made up of representatives from Karoon and the UNT.

As a result, 25 new young people were selected to receive the financial support scholarship to continue their studies this semester 2019-II.

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