About the project

Mutumbi started as an innovative initiative for women from Tumbes intended to increase the value of their role in communities, in their families, as well as to place value on their capacity to do artisanal products and handicrafts in jewelry.

In 2012, it was proposed to conduct training on basic techniques for handmade jewelry in each of the 11 communities located between Puerto Pizarro and Cancas, and it was a complete success because of the massive turnout of 200 women from the coast. They learned new jewelry techniques, and crafted by hand pieces using innovative materials such as organic cotton and copper.

Upon completion of the training phase, a local business was developed based on the skills that had already been identified in the participants. In this way, 13 women were selected to make up a company and carry on with their dream of being entrepreneurs and thus being able to collaborate for the greater wellbeing of their families. In 2014, the company was registered with the Public Registries as MUTUMBI S.A.C., a company made up of and led by women. Karoon provided them with training in various areas such as: administration, logistics, accounting, and building of soft skills, among others. At the technical level, they continued with training on silver soldering, and jewel management and design.

Mutumbi at present

Currently, the women of MUTUMBI S.A.C have been recognized as artisans by the Regional Directorate of Tourism (Dircetur) and they have participated in showrooms and local and international fairs. Mutumbi has produced various collections that are governed by fashion trends, using various elements such as silver and natural stones to create unique pieces.

At present, they have an ecofriendly ethnic trend collection that uses wood from the Palo Santo Forest in Tumbes as main input for the creation of pieces that promote its preservation.

The Mutumbi pieces are designed and made with great love for the public at large.

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Other social investment programs.

Support to facilitate the entrance to the university of students of low-income families.

Management of courses and training for the professionalization and improvement of fishing activity.


In addition to the social volunteer programs, Karoon must comply with the mandatory programs