History of the prompes project

The PROMPES (“Promoviendo la Pesca” – Promotion of Fishing) Project was created in 2010 in order to work on the issues associated with the fishing sector of Tumbes through the management of courses and training sessions for the professionalization and improvement of fishing activities. The project has the following components:

Program For Formalization Of The Tumbes Fishing Sector

Between the years 2010 and 2012, Karoon worked with the artisanal fishing associations, the Harbor Master and Coastguard Authority (DICAPI for its abbreviation in Spanish) and other institutions, for artisanal fishermen to obtain their card to formalize their activities. The program was successful and, as a result, 900 fishermen obtained their card and there was active participation and awareness-raising with respect to the relevance and importance of formalizing their activities.

Seamen Safety Promotion Program

During our works, we identified the risk to which fishing vessels were exposed during navigation. With this finding, in 2011 we offered training sessions on safety and implementation of emergency procedures, and we provided safety kits (radar reflector and Victor signal flags) to 657 vessels.

Karoon has given the IMO Basic Safety course in strategic partnership with the National School of Merchant Marine. In 2011, 70 fishermen were trained; in 2016, the revalidation of the IMO certificate of 50 fishermen was promoted; and, in 2019, the course was given to 42 fishermen from the Tumbes Region.

Celebration Of Fisherman’s Day In Tumbes

Karoon has been participating in the celebrations of “Fisherman’s Day” in coordination with the fishing sector since 2010. We currently work with 35 associations, which include associations of fishermen, stevedores, and shipowners.

(2010-2012) y (2018-2019 )

Program for formalization of the Tumbes fishing sector

(2010-2012) y (2018-2019 )

Seamen safety promotion


Fisherman’s Day celebration


Christmas celebrations


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Other social investment programs

Support to facilitate the entrance to the university of students of low-income families.

The training of women in the Tumbes region resulted in a solid and sustainable brand.


In addition to the social volunteer programs, Karoon must comply with the mandatory programs