History of the Tumpis Scholarship Project

In 2013, Karoon noted that many adolescents from low income families in the Province of Tumbes were choosing to drop out of their education. In order to motivate students to continue with their studies at a higher level, Karoon created the Tumpis educational program for scholarships. The program involved offering support to promote that students from low income families who had a good performance during their secondary education attend university.

In 2014, this project was complemented with a program for mentoring and provision of extracurricular activities, seeking to improve the students’ performance and academic achievements. The Tumpis program started with 10 students out of which 4 graduated in Tourism and Hotel Management, Accounting and Agroindustry during 2018 and 2019. We expect that, by the end of 2019, other four students will complete their studies.

New components in 2019

In 2019, Karoon decided to expand the program and include other components to reach the entire community.

Connecting with your Future: Vocational Talks

This program is implemented in coordination with Universidad Nacional de Tumbes (National University of Tumbes) and the public schools of the communities with which Karoon works. The purpose is to provide students with information about the available careers, vocational talks and guided tours at the university. The program is intended to benefit approximately 432 students from 8 public schools in Tumbes.

“Karoon Educa” Scholarship

This program is intended to support the university studies of low income students from Universidad de Tumbes (National University of Tumbes), who have potential and a good academic profile. Each selected student receives, during one term, financial support that can be used to buy materials, transportation and/or food. This program has been coordinated with the university authorities and has 25 beneficiaries to date.

Learning to Teach

This program seeks to improve the capabilities and knowledge of teachers at the elementary, primary and secondary levels from educational institutional of communities, in order to improve the level of education among local schools. The duration of the program is 12 months during which Karoon supports with the payment of the diploma course or specialization in the area of education.

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Other social investment programs

The training of women in the Tumbes region resulted in a solid and sustainable brand.

Management of courses and training for the professionalization and improvement of fishing activity.


In addition to the social volunteer programs, Karoon must comply with the mandatory programs