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Talk on the importance of the extraction of hydrocarbons in the tumbes region

On Thursday, September 26, Karoon together with the Regional Directorate of Energy and Mines of Tumbes delivered the talk “Importance of Hydrocarbons in The Tumbes Region”. The event was held at the Educational Institution “7 de enero” in the town of Corrales, with 85 participants primarily young people and teachers of the institution.

The purpose of this event is to inform the population of the relevance of developing the hydrocarbon sector and its positive impact in the regions and towns where the activity is carried out, in addition to the generation of benefits such as income through the royalty.

In the last five years the Tumbes Region received S/ 629,359,463 million soles (source: Perupetro) distributed among the regional government, municipalities, higher technical institutes and the National University of Tumbes. The royalty represents an opportunity for the execution of investment and social development works as well as the opportunity to promote and improve public educational institutions.

Likewise, it is important to know that the use of hydrocarbons is the backbone for the development of economic activities such as fishing, trade, electricity generation for industries, among others.

The talk also served as an opportunity to raise awareness about the Karoon project, its social responsibility policy and sustainable projects that have been implemented in the communities since 2012; generating value and representing opportunities for development and progress. Some projects are: the Tumpis, Mutumbi, Fregata and Prompes Scholarship Project (promoting fishing).

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